Why Prague?

For over two decades Prague belongs to the top 10 of the most visited cities in Europe. It may not have quite as hip party scene as Berlin, not as many churches as Rome, as cool shopping as London or as many museums as Paris. On the other hand it has got a fair deal of all the above, unlike any other city.


Is the city safe?

It is just as safe as say Paris, way safer than Rome. Generally speaking there are no "bad areas" in Prague. As anywhere in the world, beware of pickpockets in busy touristy places. It is also recommended not to stop taxi cabs on the street as you may end up being over charged. Rather use call in cabs, any bar or restaurant will call it for you.


Will I get all the comfort I'm used at from home?

Depends on where you come from. ;) Prague is by all standards a modern western city. Clean streets and hotel rooms to start with. Drinkable and tasty tap water. WIFI internet access at most cafes, bars and restaurants. Very efficient public transport (you can get virtually anywhere at any hour of the day on it). You name it.


Can I sign up as a single player?

Absolutely! We will take care of you from airport pick up to accommodation if you like. Brief us on your playing skills and we'll set you up with a team.

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